A quick and easy beginner workout.

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Exercise
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As you probably noticed in my post yesterday I mentioned that I’ve been working out with the Wii.  This may sound kind of strange, but to be perfectly honest I’m used to spending 90 percent of my day sitting on my ass.  Either on the couch or in a chair or on the toilet.  For the most part I used to rarely move at all, sitting at the computer or watching TV or even sitting down washing dishes.  So when I started this program, I needed to find a way to get myself moving that wasn’t intensely boring.  I tried walking inside the house since it was too cold to consider going outside.  That was both boring and also difficult since our house isn’t really that big.  I even tried just doing a few laps around the house every time I needed to get up for some reason. That didn’t really work either.  So I ended up playing Wii Sports for about an hour a day.  I made it a point to get up off the chair and get into it actively, kinda jumping around and stuff. It’s a good easy way to start moving again after such a long time of being sedentary.

Recently I’ve sort of ramped up my activity by doing Wii Active, a game actually designed for exercising at home.  Unfortunately the items included with the game(a thigh pouch for the Wii nunchuk, and an exercise band) are a bit too small for someone my size, but I’ve found they aren’t that difficult to adapt with a bit of ingenuity, duct tape, and rope. So far it seems like these two things are doing the trick.  Heck the Wii Active even calculates burned calories for you which is great.  I think my best advice here is to just get moving, however you can.  Don’t push it too far too fast, I think that’s what stopped me so much previous to now.  You start too fast, push it too hard, and you get frustrated and quit.  The key to making this work, at least as far as I can tell, is working it slowly.  Take your time.  It took years to put weight on yourself, it will take a good amount of time to take it back off.

  1. Jodi Lane says:

    You’re so right. ANYONE who gets into fitness gets motivated at first by thinking, “I’m going to do all this workout and this cardio and so on” and they think that they’re going to have no problem doing that and sticking with it but it is so easy to get burned out. So easy. I always do, which is why I take (once in a while) two weeks to a month off from the gym if I feel over-trained. It’s not a big deal. But like you said–keep moving. Even though I may take a gym break, that doesn’t mean I don’t walk all over Seattle. We walk everywhere! To get groceries, mail, etc…we gotta walk to get it and I love that!!! So, it’s important o keep moving even if it’s just cleaning or working in the yard!

  2. Jodi Lane says:

    BTW If you check my videos on facebook, I took a really comical video of Sean doing the Wii boxing…so funny.

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