Short update this week.

Posted: June 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yeah its going to be short this week. I just don’t have the desire or drive to do much this week. Tired from preparing for a yard sale and kinda having a dumpy week altogether. So, go check out my video on YouTube. No recipes this week, again I apologize for that. I’ll be back next week with your usual update. Oh yeah, my overall measurements this week is zero inches. I lost some in waist and chest, but gained a decent amount in my legs again. So the net is zero. Oh well, hopefully next week is different.

  1. Jodi Lane says:

    Ugh it sounds like you’ve hit a plateau man. Don’t stress it. Please don’t. We all do this. I actually do it A LOT because I tend to get stuck at the border of 125 lbs and when I want to lean out it seems like I CANNOT get past that for like at least two weeks sometimes. You’ll get through it. What’s important is that you reported it here in your blog. Once you hit a couple of plateaus in your journal, you can look back and start knowing when to expect them. For me, I know it’s always when I’m at 120 to 125 lbs. It gets old, but it’s BETTER when you know it’s going to happen. I’m so proud of you. I was talking to Ed this weekend about you (and a couple of other people I don’t think know you YET). I have told several of my family members about you too (Most of my family is over-weight). If you ever need motivation, you know where I’m at. My sister too is starting to tune into your progress. She and I both constantly try to keep each other motivated. I think we need to start an online community, gamers who are trying to stay motivated…I’d be HAPPY to start a site like that…but no clue what to start with. I’m not a good web designer when it comes to forums.

    I realized too that I have not yet reviewed Weight Watchers as an actual diet plan I’ve personally tried. I’m going to contact them this week and see if they’d be willing to allow me to review it for them online (I’m a MOD on a bodybuilding/fitness website). Since I never have, and if you’re at all up for it–I’d like to have you as a person to refer to who has been on the diet longer than me. ;o). Let me know what you think of the idea.

    How has your exercise been lately? I apologize for being basically AWOL from the chat all week–PaizoCon takes a lot out of us. We leave at 8am and don’t get back until 10pm at the earliest…Poor kitties get so lonely! But that means being away from my precious computer. LOL. You take care and hope I get to chat with you soon. I’m very proud of our Paladin!

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