I dissedappeared.

Posted: July 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yeah yeah I know I haven’t posted in what 3 weeks? There has been a lot going on in the Paladin household the last little while, and yes most of it has been good. For starters my new local gaming store had a grand opening recently and I had to do a lot of work trying to help them get a few donations of things to give away as door prizes, I had to prepare to run a couple of games, and I had to pack all of my game stuff up for transport back and forth. Second, my dryer decided to take a dive and I had to run around for 2 days to get the parts to fix it. Wait, how is this a good thing? Well, I’ll tell you how its a good thing just wait a darn minute why doncha. Its good because it made me have to go to one of those massive hardware and everything stores. Which I navigated quite easily without getting at all tired actually, something that was a very big fear for me when I had to go. Once I got what I needed I fixed the dryer and it has gone from taking over 3 hours to dry a load of clothes to just a bit over one measly hour. This makes my life a lot easier. In addition to those things I have been on a cleaning binge. Since I went to that hardware store I realized I am capable of so much more now, and I’ve really pressed my advantage and been scrubbing as much of this house as I can reach. I’ve made several minor repairs around the house and ended almost every single day of the last two weeks or so as an exhausted lump on the couch. How’s that for working out?

The other big thing that has happened in the last few weeks is that my father in law has come home. He was stuck in a physical rehab facility for just over nine months. He had broken his ankle about two years ago now and it wasn’t healing correctly so they had to do surgery to repair the damage. Then in January he rebroke the same ankle! So back he went to the facility after only a two day rest. Just about a week ago though he came home and has been doing well. He’s still not incredibly steady on his feet so I’ve been going over to their house a few times a week when he gets physical therapy to help out and make sure he doesn’t fall or get hurt. He’s doing great though, as a matter of fact just yesterday he had a doctor’s appointment and walked for the first time in 2 years without any sort of support shoe. His doctor said his xrays looked great and that he should be back to fighting shape in no time.

So there has been my life for the past few weeks. I haven’t stopped the diet, I’ve been working just as hard as always. Time for measuring, and the energy to make it happen just hasn’t been there for a while. This weekend will be another busy one, but I’m hoping that Monday things will calm down and I can get the time to have my wife do some measurements for me so I can update everyone on the real progress. So don’t fret my loyal soldiers, I am still waging a war against my waistline!

  1. Jodi Lane says:

    It’s really awesome to get stuff done around the house. I like doing house work just because it really makes me feel productive. Most of it does suck, but even cleaning the litter box for the kitties makes me feel like I’ve done good. And there’s nothing wrong with being happy about cleaning! It’s a simple reward. It makes my mood much nicer when I look around at a CLEAN house haha! AND it’s a great workout!

    It’s really great you’re helping out your FIL. Everyone needs help now and then. I’m sure it’s not pleasant to rebreak your ankle. Gosh that sounds painful ;o\. It sounds like he’s doing great! I’m sure that too makes you and your wifey feel fantastic!

    No worries about the measuring and such. If you know you’re doing well, no one needs to see it. We’ll probably be SHOCKED the next time you do post your stats!!! HAHA!!!

    Can’t wait to see you guys at GENCON!

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