The Portly Paladin’s Prolific Past.

My name is Mike and I am The Portly Paladin.  I’m a 33 year old married man looking to get more out of life than what his ample stomach will allow.  Since I was a young boy I’ve been a chubby kid.  As I got older that chubby kid turned into a chunky adolescent and then into a fat teenager.  Before I really knew what was happening I was an obese man.  I lied to myself and said I was happy the way I was, that I wasn’t eating horribly, that it was some sort of genetic issue.  It wasn’t until around January of 2011 that I realized how much of a disservice I was doing myself by believing those lies.  I decided then that I would lose this weight once and for all.  No more binge diets, no more looking for the quick fix.  It was time for hard work and dedication.  It was time… to wage a war against my Waistline.  So I armed myself with a smaller plate and more selective fork, protected myself with an armor of research and education, and I became… The Portly Paladin.  Along the way I may lose a few battles, but I assure you I will win the war.  I welcome you by my side on this journey to keep me honest, and to keep me faithful in my endeavor.  In return I promise to do what I can to help you in your own battles.


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